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Wicked Bleu: Simone Doucet Series (Book 2)


A 103-year-old murder mystery.

An amateur ghost sleuth.

Can a wrong be rectified in death?

Eight months ago, Simone experienced her first spectral encounter. It awakened a dormant second sight and opened a chasm to the afterlife. Now, another spirit from 1917 New Orleans has wandered through that passage, haunting her with an intoxicating jasmine fragrance and wicked antics.

To escape this mysterious ghost, Simone jumps at a seven-day complimentary Mardi Gras hotel package, unaware there might be an ancestral power behind her decision, an identity she grapples with. Is the ghost’s name Bleu?

She’s a lady of the night who lived a dangerous life in the infamous Storyville. A place lined with mansion-like brothels on the edge of the French Quarter run by unscrupulous madams and frequented by dangerous criminals. WWI is on the horizon, jazz music is burgeoning, and Bleu’s life unravels.

Visions of her past and horrific death beset Simone as she explores present-day New Orleans with her three roommates.

But why are the images fragmented? Has Bleu forgotten what happened the stormy night she died? Can Simone uncover Bleu’s murderer and reunite her with her loved ones before it’s too late?

Tainted Harvest cover with Readers Favorite badge 22.jpg
Tainted Harvest: Simone Doucet Series (Book 1)



She escaped servitude for a worse fate. Now she wants everyone to know what happened.

Travel writer Simone Doucet is searching for a meaningful life, but she hasn't found a purpose yet. But after she accepts an assignment that takes her to Magnolia Sunrise - a historical bed-and-breakfast on the bluffs of Natchez, Mississippi - strange events begin to take place.

Frightful images of a young slave girl, Delphine, haunt her nights. The first night at the B&B, Simone is transported to 1863, antebellum Natchez. Through spectral eyes, Simone sees Delphine’s history; the horrors she witnessed and was subjected to. Delphine wants everyone to know what happened to her, and she won't stop haunting Simone until she tells her story. But why has Delphine chosen Simone, and will this awakening bring new purpose to her life, or open up more untold mysteries to be discovered?

Book 9 Keepers Of The Gate  Cover Main-F
Keepers Of The Gate: Twilight Ends (Book One)


In 1779 Kanadasaga, Sullivan's Expedition torches a Seneca village and many others, destroying the Iroquois Confederacy. Awakened from sleep, Pilan and Teka flee their blazing longhouse into the woodlands. After a soldier’s bullet thwarts their escape, Pilan vows to meet his beloved Teka again in another life.

Two hundred years later in present-day Geneva, New York, historical relics rise. Twilight Ends, a grand Victorian bed-and-breakfast run by the Newhouse family, sits on the property the Iroquois village used to thrive on. After Twilight Ends’ long-standing matriarch Tessa Newhouse dies, her daughter and granddaughter, Skylar and Twyla, discover two artifacts under the maple tree in the backyard, and an ancient mystery as old as time begins to unravel. But will they have the courage to follow the path their ancestors did?

Cover Dark Echo Collection.jpg
Dark Echo: A Psychological Thriller Novel Collection

ISBN -6610000378357

A collection of three psychological thrillers by E. Denise Billups, now in one volume!

By Chance: Destiny stares Tara McPherson in the face. The malevolent Tom Spencer enters her life, determined to exact vengeance against the Gifted Three: a group with powers to see the past, present and future. To save their lives, Tara must overcome her fear and recall long-repressed visions. After their world collapses, the girls' combined gifts become more critical than ever. But even with the help of a supernatural presence from the past, can the Gifted Three change their fate?


Chasing Victoria: At one o'clock in the morning, Victoria Powell receives a distressing phone call from her friend Kayla. Wrapped in the arms of a new lover, Victoria reluctantly leaves her bed and heads to Central Park to meet Kayla - but she's nowhere to be found. Fearing danger, Victoria escapes the city to Martha’s Vineyard. Arriving during a dangerous nor’easter, she delves into her deceased mother’s diaries... unaware of the danger that has followed her to the island.


Kalorama Road: There’s something Allie can’t remember; hidden memories that refuse to surface. Until one day, when something brings back horrifying images of a forgotten night. A year after graduating from Emsworth University, a mysterious email appears, asking Allie a single question. Someone wants her to remember. As forgotten memories gradually surface, Allie has to come to terms with her dark past, and a revelation she could have never imagined. But what really happened at 1414 Kalorama Road?

Book 3 kalorama-road Creativia Cover.jpg
Kalorama Road



There’s something Allie can’t remember, hidden memories bordering consciousness that refuse to surface until one day someone, something, ignites horrifying images of a forgotten night.


A year after graduating from Emsworth University, a mysterious email appears asking Allie one single question. What happened at 1414 Kalorama Road? Allie has no memory of that night and has tried to recapture what happened when a classmate went missing at an off-campus party. Someone wants her to remember, and are getting closer and more insistent. Forgotten memories gradually surface with gruesome images and a revelation that could ruin the reputation of her esteemed alma mater, Emsworth University.

Book 1 By-Chance-Creativia.jpg
By Chance




By Chance is a supernatural thriller of three clairvoyant women with the gift of past, present, and future. Laura can hear a person’s thoughts. Leanne sees the past, and Tara knows the future. Leanne's past visions are haunting, but Tara's premonitions are frightening, especially knowing the day and time the three will meet their demise. On the morning of December fifteenth, Tara steps onto her office terrace, and the moment her eyes lock with a lurking stranger, an 187-year-old vision commences. Tara was seven when she saw her first premonition, a vision so sinister, she repressed her gift. Now, thirty years later, malevolent Tom Spencer enters their lives determined to exact vengeance. To survive and protect her friend’s lives, Tara must overcome her fear and recall the repressed childhood vision.

Book 2 Chasing-Victoria Creativia.jpg
Chasing Victoria


Chasing Victoria is a suspense novel of a young woman whose life starts to unravel when hidden secrets surface. When Victoria wakes at one o’clock in the morning to a distressing call from her best friend, she reluctantly leaves her lover’s arms and hurries to meet Kayla. Arriving at the park, she finds Kayla missing, but nothing can prepare her for what’s to come—the gruesome murder of her best friend and a near escape from death. A month earlier, Kayla unearthed a file with incriminating evidence against her employer, Wheaton Asset Management, a prominent hedge fund. The file mysteriously disappears and in a relentless search to find it, Kayla not only discovers Wheaton’s corrupt activity but also a secret that threatens both her and Victoria’s lives.

Short Stories

Book Cover Off The Grid.png
Off The Grid

Eighteen-year-old Justine wakes to her android digital companion, DANA, attuned to her breath, heartbeat, and every emotion 365 days of the year. The year is 2410, the age when technology runs every facet of human life. Convinced humans sacrificed their autonomy, Justine wishes to unplug from the digital world. When she learns of the off-the-grid community of Merrick, she believes these people have the right idea. But Merrick is an anomaly. When Justine’s boss, Claudette Windsor, visits the sleepy hamlet to meet a promising artist, she goes missing. In her absence, strange things are happening at Windsor Art gallery. The anonymous artist’s ‘Life Before Digital’ art collection has an odd effect on visitors. Is something wrong with the paint?  Will DANA warn Justine before it’s too late?

Book Cover Ravine Lereux Darker.png
Ravine Lereux


Olivia and Edward Lereux live a quiet life with their chocolate Border collie, Axel in a picturesque cottage flanked by Maine’s blustery cliffs, far from town and people. Outwardly, their lives appear typical, but they’re not ordinary people. The Lereux family is cursed with something that's claimed their ancestors many years. When Ravine Lereux receives a distressing letter from her Uncle Edward, she must return to a place she swore never to return, a place that’s haunted by something, an abnormal presence she feared as a child. Now she must face it again. As she races to the aid of her aunt and uncle, she makes an unsettling discovery about herself and her family.


Book 5 Rebound Cover  Main Cover.png




Rebound is a supernatural short story of three individuals Zoey, Carole, and Michael whose lives intersect in a hauntingly, surprising way, rebounding in a circular tale of mystical retribution.  Zoey, newly single and on the rebound, advertised for a roommate and ten minutes later, Carole, a beautiful woman with a haunting secret, shows up at her door. Carole moves in the next day and a fated bond is established. Looking to date again, Zoey meets Michael a man with a sinister past.  Mesmerized by his charm, Zoey's under Michael's spell.  The affair advances quickly and passionately, but Carole’s the only one who knows Michael’s wicked plan. 

Book 4 The Playground Cover
The Playground


The Playground is a supernatural short story of a woman struggling for survival after the death of her husband. She leaves her hometown to make a fresh start for her family and stumble upon Willows Grove, a town with an evil past and steeped in folklore. Unable to find work, she and her daughters take shelter in an old church, and adjacent playground believed haunted by townspeople where they meet an inescapable horror. Seventeen years later, Jillian and a group of friends head out to the playground aiming to disprove townspeople superstitious beliefs. But what they find may challenge everything they’ve ever believed.

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